Nexus 4 has arrived! Initial impressions

After a long two week wait, Google has brightened my day with this beautiful box (see below).


Here is a quick overall rating on the Nexus 4 components:

Performance: 5/5
Extremely fast and fluid. Never hiccupped even once throughout heavy daily use. Helps that it’s running 4.2.1.

Battery Life: 3.5/5
Four hours on WiFi and GPS have drained my fully charged battery to 42%. This beast is power hungry but is expected for these specs and screen.

Screen Quality: 5/5
Clean, crisp and bright

Screen Size: 4/5
Akward space on the sides for some apps. Doesn’t feel as big as it should because of the dedicated spot for buttons at the bottom. [Update] On a second thought, after using it for a week the screen size is perfect!

Camera: 3.5/5
Crisp, clear daytime shots. Up close night time shots are too white/bleached when using flash. Not as good as the iPhone 5 camera for night shots

Overall: 4/5
Although it has some mishaps, it’s overall an amazing phone.

My initial impression as soon as i opened the box was the phone’s weight. It feels extremely light, almost too light, but is quite solid unlike the iPhone 5. After using the phone for a couple hours I got the feeling that the screen is a bit too wide. In a way it feels like I am using one of the wide blackberries from 2006. Its probably an illusion because of the way the buttons are displayed on the bottom of the screen. [Note: I’ve come from using a long line of Android phones with hardware buttons on the bottom]. But after about a weeks use the screen size has grown on me and is ideal.

To keep it short, those upgrading to the Nexus 4 from a 2.3 android device or a smartphone of about two years, the transition is going to take a week or so but you will absolutely fall in love with the phone in the process.